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  • Find You Again. Jacob Frye x Templar!Reader. Gender: neutral Word count: 1747 words Series: Part 1 of 4 of the Release Me series Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Summary: Reader is affiliated to the Templars by heritage, but hates their bloodline and wants nothing to do with them.
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader: One shots: ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugou x (O) Reader Say I love you . Summary: You finally give up on your pining after a red-eyed Alpha and he notices. ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard! Summary: You had been sent a courting letter and accept only to be stood up.

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  • Iida x Reader Katsuki x Reader Shoto x Reader Dabi x Reader _ They will each be in their respected scenarios. ✌️. ghosts BNHA x (Female) Reader.
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  • A Knight’s Honor. Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. Status: Ongoing. Summary: You’re a female squire, the only female training to be a Knight.You are not willing to give up your dreams of Knighthood to become a slave to society to save face.

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    k shut up commissions bnha x reader bnha x you mha x reader mha x you hq x you hq x reader haikyuu x reader haikyuu x you ...

    —kirishima x gn!reader. angst. band au. 0.3 words. Keep reading kirishima angst bnha angst g drabble g-drabble gere.drabble kirishima x reader mha kirishima kirishima imagine bnha x reader

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    If it takes is good animation, why didn't OPM, Bnha, SNK, and a bunch of other series with good anim... - "/a/ - Anime & Manga" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Japanese animation and manga.

    Read Bet from the story HELP (Todoroki.S X Reader) by Hana_nerd (Nerd_reader) with 4,589 reads. todoroki, todorokixreader, reader. Y/N POV "WHAT THE FUCK BOKU...

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    Idol!Bakugou x Idol!Reader(NSFW) Warnings:NSFW,18+, cursing, thigh riding, slight degradation??, unprotected sex. Word Count:3,656. Crossed off: Popstar AU. Tag list: @gallickingun @prismaroyal @shoutodoki @sadistiks @keigod @honeytama @shoutogepi @hawks-senseis

    Anime x Reader blog! Ask box OPEN! Matchups CLOSED! It's for BNHA, with an INFP Pisces. Hihi ♡ as of right now, I don't have an ask with that type/characteristics! Also, if it was sent in late September, chances are that I have already filled it!

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    Request: kirishima and kaminari ;) - faerie-trails. God, I love this man so much! Denki’s should be out later! SFW. Eijiro is 100% a worshiper.

    focus on me -Toshinori x f!reader- smut drabble with a reader who struggles with attention (adhd) during sex This never happens to me. It totally isn’t the biggest frustration of my entire life. The...

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    pairings: karasuno x gn!reader, nekoma x gn!reader, seijoh x gn!reader synopsis: living in the same house with the boys for content sounds cool and all until you realized just how tiring it could be genre: headcanons, fluff, crack warnings: cursing, questionable thirst comments. Karasuno High

    Pairing: Denki Kaminari x Reader. Word Count: 737. The party was going well so far. You had gotten along with everyone and they seemed to like you. You glanced over at your boyfriend as he laughed at a joke Kirishima said. It was their five year high school reunion, and you somehow convinced Denki to let you tag along.

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    A series of reader-insert oneshots with the boys of KHR (; Rated T for language. Requests: Open. Slightly OOC ( Next x-reader: Expect the Unexpected: A Gokudera x Reader one-shot. Requests: Open!

    Nov 05, 2018 · Uh huh. I'll just bet they did. Reflexively, I twisted my head to look behind me into the classroom. Midoriya was still there, carefully organizing his internship offers as he put the sizable ream of pages away. "Midoriya," I called out over my shoulder. "Your d-" I bit my tongue just in time. "Um, All Might-sensei's looking for you." "Huh?"

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    bnha x asexual reader they/them shinsou hitoshi bnha shinsou hitoshi shinsou x reader my hero academia x reader bnha my hero academia imagines hitoshi shinsou x asexual reader gender questioning it's nearly christmas you bet your butts i'm writing about it

    Normally Tomura wouldn’t have agreed to such a childish bet but since it was you asking he couldn’t say no. ... x y/n mha imagines mha x reader mha x y/n bnha x ...

k shut up commissions bnha x reader bnha x you mha x reader mha x you hq x you hq x reader haikyuu x reader haikyuu x you ...
See a recent post on Tumblr from @bnhainthewoo about bnha-x-black-reader. Discover more posts about bnha-x-black-reader.
A collection of reader insert oneshots from BNHA, Haikyuu!! and Free! Containing works of my own and requests I have worked on These words were inspired after I read another writers works and it brought my mojo back after a long hiatus, so I'd just like to thank you again, myamerican-hero (meganbakugou_fanfic) and Fandomness_randommess for ...
Hihihi. This is actually a birthday gift for my best friend. BNHA/MHA Virtual Novel. SONGS: N.Flying - Rooftop X1 - I'm here for you BOLBBALGAN4 - To my...